How to Do an MTG Cube Draft: A Comprehensive Guide for Magic: The Gathering Enthusiasts


Are you a Magic: The Gathering enthusiast looking to spice up your gameplay experience? If so, then an MTG Cube draft might be just what you need! A Cube draft is a unique and exciting way to play Magic, allowing you to create your own custom draft set from a curated collection of cards. In this article, we will guide you through the process of setting up and conducting an MTG Cube draft.

Step 1: Choose Your Cube

The first step in organizing an MTG Cube draft is selecting the cards for your Cube. You can choose cards from any set or combination of sets, depending on your preferences. It’s important to curate a balanced Cube that offers a variety of strategies and archetypes to ensure an enjoyable drafting experience.

Step 2: Determine the Cube Size

Decide on the size of your Cube. A typical Cube contains around 360 cards, which allows for an eight-person draft with 45 cards per player. However, you can adjust the size based on the number of players participating. Just remember to maintain a good balance between different colors and card types.

Step 3: Sleeve and Shuffle

Once you have your Cube assembled, it’s time to sleeve the cards. Sleeving your Cube not only protects the cards but also ensures a fair and random draft. After sleeving, give the Cube a good shuffle to mix up the cards thoroughly. This step is essential to create a level playing field for all participants.

Step 4: Set Up the Drafting Area

Designate a comfortable and well-lit area for the draft. Each player should have enough space to lay out their drafted cards and build their decks. It’s also a good idea to have extra basic lands and tokens available for players to use during deck construction.

Step 5: Conduct the Draft

Now, it’s time to start the draft! A Cube draft typically follows the “booster draft” format, where each player opens a pack, selects a card, and passes the remaining cards to the next player. This process continues until all the cards have been drafted. You can determine the number of packs per player based on your Cube size and the desired draft experience.

Step 6: Deck Construction

After the draft is complete, players use the cards they drafted to build their decks. The typical deck size for limited formats like Cube drafts is 40 cards, including lands. Encourage players to experiment with different strategies and card combinations to maximize the fun and creativity of the experience.

Step 7: Play and Enjoy!

Once the decks are constructed, it’s time to battle it out! Play a series of matches or a full tournament to determine the ultimate victor. Cube drafts offer a dynamic and ever-changing gameplay experience, making each match exciting and unpredictable. Remember to have fun and embrace the unique strategies and interactions that your Cube allows.


An MTG Cube draft is a fantastic way to explore the depth and diversity of Magic: The Gathering. By creating your own draft set, you can tailor the experience to your liking and introduce new and exciting cards to your playgroup. Follow the steps outlined in this guide, and you’ll be well on your way to hosting an unforgettable Cube draft. So gather your friends, shuffle up your Cube, and let the drafting begin!