Blast Off with Star Realms: A Guide to Deckbuilding and Domination

Star Realms is a fast-paced, strategic deck-building game for two players that pits you against your opponent in a battle for galactic dominance. With its easy-to-learn rules and engaging gameplay, Star Realms has become a popular choice for gamers of all ages.

Here’s a guide to get you started on your journey to interstellar stardom:

1. Setting Up the Game:

  • Prepare the Trade Deck: Shuffle the Trade Deck, which contains all the ships and bases you’ll use to build your deck during the game. Deal the top five cards face up to form the central Trade Row.
  • Construct Player Decks: Each player receives eight Scout cards and two Viper cards. Shuffle these cards to create your starting deck.
  • Determine Start Player: Randomly choose who will be the first player.

2. Game Play:

  • Turn Structure: A turn follows these phases:
    • Draw: Draw five cards from your deck.
    • Play: Play cards from your hand to perform various actions:
      • Purchase: Use Trade points earned through your cards to buy new ships and bases from the Trade Row. Purchased cards go into your discard pile.
      • Activate: Ships have various abilities that can be activated by playing them from your hand. These abilities can include attacking your opponent, generating Trade points, or drawing more cards.
      • Scrap: Discard a card from your hand to activate its Scrap ability, which often provides a one-time bonus.
    • Combat: If you played any ships that have attack values, resolve combat. Compare your total attack value with your opponent’s defense value. The difference is dealt to your opponent’s Authority (health points).
    • End of Turn: Discard all played cards and any remaining cards in your hand. Draw back up to your hand size of five cards.
  • Winning the Game: The first player to reduce their opponent’s Authority to zero wins the game.

3. Key Strategies:

  • Deckbuilding: Focus on acquiring cards that synergize well together and create a strategy that suits your playstyle. Aim for a balance of offense and defense.
  • Trading: Utilize your Trade points efficiently to acquire the cards you need and avoid wasting them. Remember, cards in the Trade Row are constantly changing, so adapt your strategy accordingly.
  • Combat: Carefully plan your attacks to deal maximum damage while minimizing damage taken. Consider the abilities of your ships and your opponent’s defenses.
  • Scraping: Use Scrap abilities strategically to gain temporary advantages or clear unused cards from your hand.

4. Resources:

5. Start Your Journey:

With these basics in mind, you’re ready to embark on your galactic conquest! Remember, practice makes perfect, so gather your opponent, shuffle the decks, and prepare for a thrilling battle in the vast expanse of Star Realms!