Tracking Your Disney Lorcana Collection: Apps, Links, and Methods

With the exciting release of Disney Lorcana, collectors are eager to build their card libraries. But keeping track of your growing collection can be a daunting task. Luckily, several resources and methods exist to help you manage your precious cards.

Online Resources:

  • Lorcania: This website offers a comprehensive collection tracker for all announced cards, including First Chapter and upcoming sets. You can mark cards as owned, track your progress with a visual banner, and even share your collection with others. (Link:
  • DigitalTQ: This website provides a complete card database for Lorcana. They also offer a handy collection tracker that allows you to mark cards as owned, both foil and non-foil, and track quantities. Additionally, it displays estimated card values based on recent sales. (Link:
  • This website features several tools for TCG enthusiasts, including a Lorcana collection tracker. You can mark cards as owned, track rarities and editions, and even create custom wishlists. (Link:


  • TCGPlayer: This popular app allows you to manage your Lorcana collection, scan cards for quick identification, and track current market prices. You can also access a comprehensive card database and browse listings for specific cards. (Link:
  • Cardsphere: This app offers a similar experience to TCGPlayer, allowing you to track your collection, scan cards, and follow market trends. It also features a unique trading platform where you can connect with other collectors and trade cards directly. (Link:
  • MyTCG: This app caters specifically to Lorcana collectors. It boasts a comprehensive card database, allows you to track your collection, and offers tools for creating custom decks and analyzing statistics. (Link:

Offline Methods:

  • Spreadsheets: While not as flashy as online resources or apps, spreadsheets can be a powerful and customizable tool for tracking your collection. You can easily add data points, filter and sort cards, and even create charts to visualize your progress.
  • Checklist: For a simpler approach, consider creating a basic checklist with all the cards in a set. Mark off the cards you own as you acquire them, keeping a physical record of your collection.
  • Binder Organization: Organizing your cards in a binder by set, character, or rarity can provide a visual representation of your collection and make it easier to find specific cards.

Choosing the Right Method:

The best method for tracking your Lorcana collection depends on your individual preferences and needs. Consider factors like:

  • Tech Savvy: If you’re comfortable using technology, online resources and apps might be your best choice.
  • Organization Style: Some people prefer visual tools like spreadsheets or checklists, while others prefer the convenience of mobile apps.
  • Budget: Some apps and resources require subscriptions or fees, while others are completely free.

Additional Tips:

  • Take care of your cards: Proper storage and handling are essential for preserving the value and condition of your collection.
  • Stay informed: Keep up-to-date with new releases, card prices, and community news to make informed decisions about your collection.
  • Have fun! Collecting is a hobby, so focus on the enjoyment of acquiring and appreciating your favorite cards.

By utilizing the available resources and methods, you can effectively track your Disney Lorcana collection and enjoy the journey of building your ultimate card library.