Conquer Lorcana on a Budget: Deckbuilding Tips for New Players

Conquering the Realm without Breaking the Bank:

Welcome, new Lorcana adventurers! Eager to conquer the Fabled Lands, but worried about your treasure chest? Fear not! These budget-friendly deckbuilding tips will equip you for epic battles, even with a limited coin purse.

1. Embrace the Starter Decks:

Your starter decks are brimming with potential! Analyze their strengths and weaknesses. Identify synergies between ink combinations and consider tweaking ratios for optimal consistency. You’ll be surprised at the hidden power within these humble beginnings.

2. Befriend the Common and Uncommon:

Rare cards may glisten, but common and uncommon cards are the backbone of budget decks. Prioritize cards with impactful abilities and efficient resource costs. Look for cards that offer multiple functions or work well together to maximize value.

3. Seek Out Synergies, Not Shiny Objects:

Don’t chase expensive cards just because they’re legendary. Focus on building cohesive strategies where cards work together to achieve a common goal. A well-oiled budget deck can outplay a flashy one any day.

4. Prioritize Ink Balance:

Ink is Lorcana’s lifeblood. Ensure your deck has a balanced ink distribution to access all your options. Consider cards that generate ink or offer ink-free activation to maintain your flow.

5. Be a Master of Resource Management:

Every card counts, so play smart! Prioritize actions that generate value and avoid overextending yourself. Remember, sometimes the best play is simply passing and conserving your precious resources for the perfect opportunity.

6. Embrace the Power of Trading and Borrowing:

Connect with other players! Trade unwanted cards for ones that fit your deck. Borrow cards to test different strategies before committing to purchases. The Lorcana community thrives on collaboration, so don’t hesitate to reach out for help.

7. Utilize Online Resources:

The internet is your treasure trove! Explore websites like and Reddit’s Lorcana community for budget deck ideas, card analysis, and helpful tips from experienced players.

8. Remember, Fun Comes First!

Don’t let budget limitations dampen your enjoyment. Experiment, explore different heroes and ink combinations, and most importantly, have fun! The joy of discovery and creative deckbuilding is what truly makes Lorcana shine.

Bonus Tip: Consider investing in sleeves to protect your cards. This will allow you to trade and borrow more confidently, maximizing the value of your collection.

With these tips and a bit of resourcefulness, you’ll be building powerful and competitive Lorcana decks on a budget in no time. So, venture forth, new adventurer! The Fabled Lands await!