Differences between MTG and Lorcana?

Magic: The Gathering vs Lorcana wizards

In this article, we explore the differences between Magic: The Gathering (MTG) and Disney Lorcana. While I understand that they both have their own player base. There is bound to be some crossover between the two that will leave some players wondering, What is the difference between MTG and Lorcana?


Both Magic: The Gathering and Lorcana are trading card games (TCG). You can build decks with various spells, creatures, and resources. You play cards from your hand using the resources. Overall, they both have the same goal… try to do a certain task before your opponent does.

Resource System

Let’s take a look at the resource system for each game.

Magic: The Gathering: It uses a land based system that consists of 5 color types. The mana is then used to cast/play the various cards from your hand and/or deck. This alone could make the game a bit more complex for a new player.

Lorcana: Uses a “glimmer” system. It’s a unified system that allows you to cast your spells each turn, this makes it much easier for a new player. You don’t need to worry about mana ratios or drawing the right land when you need it.

Card Types

We will start with MTG and look at Lorcana after. While they have different card types, you can draw comparison between them.

Magic: The Gathering

  • Creatures: The main offensive card type for many decks, they come in all sorts of colors and sizes.
  • Spells: There are a few different subgroups here. You have instants, enchantments, sorcery, and if you go back far enough interrupts.
  • Lands: This is the main resource in MTG that you use to cast your spells, you have basic lands for the 5 colors. You also have special lands such dual lands, or even lands that have special abilities.
  • Artifacts: These are more like utility cards. At times, they will attach themselves to other cards, or have their own ability. You can even have creatures that count as artifacts.
  • Planeswalkers: These are cards that represent iconic characters in the magic universe. You cast them as you would any creatures. Planeswalkers have special abilities that can be very powerful if left unanswered.


  • Characters: The stars of the show! These cards represent familiar Disney heroes and villains with unique abilities. They form the core of your deck, engaging in quests and unleashing powerful attacks.
  • Items: These compare to artifacts in MTG. These items enhance your characters’ abilities. They provide combat, defensive, strategic bonuses
  • Actions: This would be things like spells. You use them as one time effects, things such as drawing cards or manipulating resources.
  • Songs: Like actions, they are spells that which are used to provide powerful effects.
  • Locations: Scenes from the Disney worlds, locations influence the game state. They provide various benefits or drawbacks depending on the active location.

Win Conditions

Magic: The Gathering is fairly straight forward. You want to reduce your oppononets life total down to zero as quickly as possible. This doesn’t mean there isn’t other ways to win. It is the most common that doesn’t involve special cards with special win conditions.

In Disney Lorcana you would focus on collecting “lore” points. So instead of attempting to murder your opponent, you are attempting to collect “lore”. There are alternate win conditions for Lorcana as well. You can drain the cards from an opponent’s deck, for example.

Strategic Depth

I will say that while Lorcana has a lot of depth. It pales in comparison to what Magic has to offer. This is because there is a massive amount of options available to you in MTG. Any possible combination of play style and tactic you can think of is available to you.

Both games offer distinct flavors of strategic depth, catering to different preferences. MTG rewards meticulous planning, complex combos, and deep understanding of the game’s systems. Lorcana takes a different approach here with a more straightforward system. Things where character synergies, well-timed actions, and managing the Lore deck become the keys to dominance.

Community and Competitive Scene

While both have a great community behind them, there are some key differences. MTG is the oldest of the two, so it has a much more established community. Many of the people that play Magic: The Gathering tend to be serious collectors.

Lorcana also has a good following for its time out in the market. It is also much more family oriented, making it an easier game to pickup for casual players.

Theme and Lore

Both games are rich in lore and theming, there is no question about it. MTG has had a very long time to develop its lore and theme, its much dark and grim storyline make it more “adult” oriented.

Lorcana is much more lighthearted. This doesn’t mean it doesn’t have a lot of lore and history to back the game, though. It has the full weight of Disney history backing its current and future state of storyline.

Alright, so there we have it. We took, while I would call a 10,000-foot view of both games. I hope this article helps someone figure out the difference between Magic: The Gathering and Lorcana. If you already play one of the games and were thinking of making the jump, then what are you waiting for?!

Until next time!